ARTICLE: Tough or Toxic?

September 21, 2015
Our white water world of change can challenge and stress, even deplete us…and that’s just the environment and the work! I say “just” because how we and others handle the challenge and the stress has everything to do with how much that world depletes our direct reports and our peers. If we let ourselves get depleted then we can easily slip into abusive behavior. Then we arrive in a different world, the world of abuse. The linked article addresses some causes of that world and some guidance for how to handle it.
Destructive, Toxic, Abusive are sadly the descriptors of a rare breed of leader, department, or organization. When they “happen” to people or organizations the damage to both can have lasting negative impact. I recently collaborated on with Knowledge@Wharton and some colleagues on an article about toxic work environments – what they can look like, the impact on the heart and spirit of individuals and organizations, and what to do if you find yourself in one.
Abusive leaders and workplaces happen everywhere to good people and organizations. I hope the article sparks thought, conversation, and positive change.
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