Leading Successful Change

Revised in 2020

with Cassie Solomon

Why do as many as 75% of change initiatives fail?

We live in an era where constant change is the norm rather than the exception. However, the sad fact is that the clear majority of change efforts fail – and it’s not for a lack of trying or leadership. Chances are you have led or been part of a failed change. But why did it fail and how can the next change be successfully implemented?

Gregory P. Shea and Cassie A. Solomon update their essential guide to leading change successfully in this revised edition. They address the tough topic of why change efforts fail, because the vast majority do—and how to avoid that failure. They profile change efforts that have worked across industries, from new technology firms to a long established manufacturing firms to a financial service and at all levels of the organizations, readers learn that change—real change—means changing behavior and changing the work systems that comprise the work environment that drive that behavior.

With a combined 50+ years of helping organizations successfully change, the authors have worked with manufacturing, telecom, health care, financial services, power, information services, social media, government, professional service firms, specialty chemicals, and education organizations to successfully adapt to new and emerging demands. The authors have Worked with US and international companies, startups and turnarounds, unionized and nonunionized, and with privately held, publicly traded, and not-for-profit organizations and have identified time-tested techniques to orchestrating needed organizational changes that work.

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Your Job Survival Guide

with Robert Gunther

Your Job Survival GuideYour real job today is change, both professionally and personally. We live in a paradoxical world, a world in which the one constant is change. Old mindsets and old skills not only don’t work in this world, they can prove destructive. Your Job Survival Guide orients you to our era of non-stop, continual, and accelerating change. This book provides you a mindset and the skills necessary to thrive in this environment.

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American Healthcare and The Consumer Experience: Four Scenarios

with Bruce Gresh, PhD

Healthcare is both personal in nature and critical in importance. This monograph examines the state of healthcare in America, the choices at hand, and the possible futures ahead. Providers, employers, and, of course, patients would do well to familiarize themselves with this analysis of the present and the future.

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We CAN Fix Healthcare: The Future is Now

with Stephen K. Klasko,MD and Michael Hoad


Well, imagine a dramatically different and improved healthcare system in America.  Imagine an open, non-blaming discussion of how the system actually functions (and dysfunctions) as a system.  Imagine a book that presented all that and calmly, optimistically offered specific action steps, not silver bullets or intellectual fury, and, then, just for fun, package all that in a fanciful science fiction story line complete with Harry Truman and Barak Obama becoming friends.  Comprehensive and fun to read, that’s “We CAN Fix Healthcare-the Future Is NOW!”, a book written for anyone concerned about understanding and improving our healthcare system.
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The Phantom Stethoscope: A Field Manual for Finding an Optimistic Future in Medicine

with Stephen K. Klasko,MD

Phantom StethoscopeWhat skills do physicians need to thrive in the modern medical world?

This manual serves as a field manual for physicians navigating the new medical world. Through the use of combining science fiction with industry expertise, Stephen K. Klasko, a practicing physician, and Gregory P. Shea, Wharton faculty member and healthcare consultant, pose this provocative question: What if a medical resident had been abducted by aliens in 1985, and had been imparted a full understanding of the healthcare system of the future? This medical science fiction book outlines the monumental changes that have occurred in the health care industry and their impact on the practice of medicine.  The medical resident Mila must decide if she wants to remain in medicine after many of the reasons she originally entered the field no longer exist. This is a must read for anyone considering a career in medicine. Twelve brief reference chapters focus on the hard leadership and business skills every clinician needs to practice and lead in the modern medical world.
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