Something Significantly Good Happened in 2020, but What? Leading the Diversity Conversation V

December 31, 2020

Something good and significant did happen in 2020: Major League Baseball declared the Negro Leagues to have been major leagues and combined their statistics with those of Major League Baseball (MLB), in this the 100th anniversary year of the founding of the Negro Leagues. That founding represented acts of adaptive and defiant resilience as well as.. read more

Personal Change Leadership in 2021 and the 130th Anniversary of Wounded Knee: Leading the Conversation on Diversity IV

December 29, 2020

On December 29, 1890, the US 7th cavalry moved upon an encampment of Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee, South Dakota with the formal intention of disarming them. Fourteen years had passed since the great gathering of plains tribes early in the summer of 1876. Then, as in 1890, Sitting Bull, a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux, figured prominently in.. read more

Innovation, Change, Musk & me

December 2, 2020

A few quotes from me in a new Fortune article.  Enjoy Elon Musk’s rocket ride   read more

Executive Summary: Changing the Work of Innovation

November 20, 2020

An executive summary of my recent article with George Day for California Management Review is available. Enjoy Executive Summary: Changing the Work of Innovation: A Systems Approach read more

Video Introduction : Changing the Work of Innovation

November 19, 2020

Images as Fuel for Change: Leading the Conversation on Diversity III

November 12, 2020

Greetings. This is the third of three takes that I’ve offered on diversity. The first offered an annotated bibliography of historical writings that I have found particularly useful in enhancing my understanding of the context of race relations in America. The second presented a consideration of language in how we talk and think about race and diversity.. read more

Lessons for Hard and Changing Times: Personal and Professional

October 30, 2020

Greetings. We never know what we’re training for. For me, it was cancer. In this podcast, we discuss my year of cancer treatment (2017) and its relevance to leadership topics such as change, surviving hard times, resilience, and mentoring before moving on to less personal material and the topics of leadership, working remotely, leading change (including the.. read more

Resetting Language: Leading the Conversation on Diversity II

October 13, 2020

Greetings. In this longish newsletter, I resume my attempt to affect how we all, and especially leaders, approach talking about our most acute group identities, particularly race, and how to improve our approach. (Part 1: Setting the Context appears here) This time, I focus on how we consider two current words/phrases in good standing, namely racist.. read more

Setting the Context: Leading the Conversation on Diversity Part 1

September 29, 2020

Tension mounts all around us. Groups clash. Connections fray. Our enemies exploit our divisions. Again. How might any of us, particularly leaders, approach these troubled times? How do we make the conversation about diversity any different, any more effective this time around? I’d like to take two passes at this large, heated and intimidating topic, one in this newsletter.. read more

Organizational Change or Non-Change: Lessons from Telemedicine

September 5, 2020

I wrote an article for Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics’s Health Policy $ense blog. Enjoy. Organizational Change or Non-Change read more