People are adaptable, so why is organizational change so hard?

August 9, 2013

The human being is a midsize omnivorous mammal that has invested large amounts of evolutionary energy developing a particularly large and complex brain. This brain enables us to scan our world in both simple and sophisticated ways and to fashion responses to it. We can work in the concrete and the abstract, and we can.. read more

Teaming for Today’s Run

August 8, 2013

Your real job is change which means that your real job centers on projects which means lots and lots of teaming. That alone would prove demanding enough, but in today’s fast-paced, whitewater world, the players change often so the teams change often too. Being a good team player has perhaps never been more important.   Yet,.. read more

Understand What Game You Are Playing

June 11, 2013

A team is not a team is not a team. Casually, we refer to teams. Correspondingly, we act as if everyone knows what constitutes as a good team. We sloppily refer to almost any grouping of people assembled to perform a task as a team, and then we speak knowingly about what makes a good.. read more

Why Change Initiatives Fail

June 11, 2013

We live in a world of permanent change – one in which, whatever job title you hold, your real job is in fact change. Yet, the majority of efforts to change organizations fail, often at enormous cost to these enterprises, their members, customers, and stakeholders. Why do so many attempts at organizational change fall short?.. read more

Leading Change

January 23, 2013

Change makes people anxious and edgy. The future grows more uncertain and people grow more uneasy. Fears mount. Rumors fly. It’s time for leadership. Change requires that leaders increase the amount of time that they spend with their people, simply walking the line. The presence of authority and access to it, to you, helps people.. read more

Build Breaks in the Action

January 23, 2013

Pacing in a permanent white water world, a world of permanent change, depends on you. You cannot trust the river to provide a manageable pace. You have to do that. In kayak parlance, you need to work the eddies, the calm pools off the sides of a river. In fact, you might think of your.. read more

Are You Nurturing Your Networks?

January 23, 2013

Pick 3-5 people whose presence in your career you particularly value, even cherish. Take the time to send each of them a meaningful email, post an actual letter, make a phone call or, even better, schedule a lunch. Such people have proved vital to our success and happiness at work. The care and maintenance of.. read more

Assessing Yourself Professionally

January 23, 2013

Consider assessing yourself professionally by assessing your “brand you”, a key component of self-rescue. Pressures to downsize, right size, and resize have shredded many organizations. Global opportunities and challenges keep organizations churning even those managing to grow. Nearly three decades of whitewater have atomized organizations, redefined ‘loyalty’, and left employees grappling with this truth: they.. read more

Project Based Work Requires New Skills

January 23, 2013

As noted, it’s a new world of work, and most of us don’t have ‘jobs’ anymore. We have portfolios of projects. This is not the 20th century anymore. Not close. Go on a job hunt and see how long the conversation centers on duties and responsibilities. Quickly, talk turns to what change you led or.. read more

When is it time to get out?

January 23, 2013

You need to recognize when your reading of the water, the business market, the work environment indicates that you should not proceed. For example, avoid waterfalls. The roar provides the first clue. The sound starts as background noise and grows to a din that fills one’s experience, driving out other realities. Perhaps an assignment amounts.. read more