Taking Care of Your Health

January 18, 2013

Running a white water river involves pacing. One does not simply ‘run the river’. Try it and the river wins. One has to impose a manageable pace onto the river, one that includes finding and idling in eddies, even consciously ‘working the eddies’, namely moving down the river by going from eddy to eddy. In.. read more

Learn to be Optimistic

January 18, 2013

How you think affects how you feel, and how you feel has everything to do with most everything in your life: happiness, work, and love. You can train yourself to be happy. This is the power of positive psychology and learned optimism. Much of chapter four of my book Your Job Survival Guide: A Manual.. read more


January 18, 2013

We probably should officially retire our 20th century notions of retirement. Most of us will live considerably longer and healthier lives post retirement age (that’s the good news) and with increasing uncertainty about retirement funds, regardless of the source, including the federal government (that’s the not so good news). Our options therefore seem both enhanced.. read more

Establish Your Meaning of Life

January 18, 2013

Navigation at work, as in life overall, involves selecting one’s own stars by which to steer. Choices today include which river, when, how far, how fast, and with whom you will travel. Each of us defines the past, the present, and the future in the stream of our lives, and so, in part, we also.. read more

Determining Meaning and Shaping Legacy

January 18, 2013

While adaptability and flexibility are crucial to survive whitewater, direction and purpose give meaning to our lives. In a whitewater environment, your meaning and legacy might not come from the position you hold in a company. The position or the company might not exist tomorrow. You determine your own mythology, write your own story, and.. read more

Maneuverability Means Security

June 18, 2012

In whitewater, security comes from maneuverability.  Your safety derives from the ability to move quickly, change direction, and stay afloat. At work, this means regularly assess your interests, abilities, and skills. Do not RIP (Retire In Place). Recall Socrates’ admonition: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Like it or not, a permanent whitewater world pushes.. read more

Innovation and Creativity Require Play

June 18, 2012

Playing amidst times such as these requires perspective and a good roll. In kayaking, there are sweet spots where the water runs rapidly downstream and the boat stays steady, stationary.  A spot to play in the turbulence without being washed away.  In the workforce, finding engaging and attractive projects are similar to finding those sweet.. read more

Being Upside Down is Not Failure

June 18, 2012

Water sport enthusiasts do not view capsizing as a neutral event. Indeed, they work hard to avoid capsizing. To capsize is to fail. Whitewater kayakers also work hard to avoid what others call capsizing, what they call ‘flipping’. They do not, however, equate flipping with failure. Spend much time on a challenging whitewater river and.. read more

Working Permanent Whitewater

June 1, 2012

The stable, consistent workplace of the past vanished amidst the headwaters of globalization, relentless technological advances, and the churning of financial markets. For over half of century, industry after industry has moved from a world of stability or perhaps cyclical change to a world of permanent change, a world where paradoxically, the one constant is.. read more