Creating Moral Machines: How AI could help front line healthcare providers

April 1, 2020

Difficult times to be sure.

As you know, I focus on change and leading change. That focus led me to collaborate on an article that I’d like to call to your attention that I co-wrote with Krzysztof Laudanski, MD and Cassie Solomon on the connection of the pandemic, rationing of care, likely ER and ICU physician distress, and AI. Knowledge@Wharton published it on Friday, 3/27/20. I’ll be discussing it on Wharton Radio SiriusXM Channel 132 from about 10:45 to 11:00 this Friday, 4/3/20.

ARTICLE: Triage in a Pandemic: Can AI Help Ration Access to Care?

We talk a lot these days about our admiration and support of care providers and first responders and we should. Yet, there’s a likely moral tsunami about to wash over them, especially ER and ICU physicians (and us) due to the need to ration care to those most ill with COVID-19. AI might well help, but only if we move quickly. We have struggled mightily to stay up with, let alone get ahead of the change thrust upon us by this pandemic. Our slow footedness cost us when the issue was containment and then again when it became mitigation. It’s about, unfortunately, to cost us yet again and dearly. We need to move quickly.

In addition, I call your attention again to the video clips (below) that I’ve generated on leading in hard times. Clients have found the material of use in online sessions that I’ve been running to help leaders center themselves and those looking to them for best practice leadership in these hard times.

Be well. Stay well.