VIDEO: Delivering Bad News…

September 19, 2018
“Language derives 70 to 80 percent of its meaning from context.  Permanent whitewater shreds context.  Communication rests more than ever on behavior and clear symbolic actions.” Notions from my book, Your Job Survival Guide.
Our communication tools enable us to dispatch information and decisions quickly.  Written communications, from memos to those limited to 120 characters, are critical tools for leaders reaching audiences extending far and wide, indeed across time and space. Amidst white water, we need a different frame to guide our communication. We need to sort our portfolio of tools differently, prioritizing in light of too often shredded context, a reality that limits the impact of words alone.
The video linked below contains a story of how a new COO delivered extremely difficult news, putting himself directly in the path of a flood of charged reactions in order to help the organization to move forward and to enhance his chance of helping it do so.
Here’s the link.