Establish Your Meaning of Life

January 18, 2013

symbolic figures joined by linesNavigation at work, as in life overall, involves selecting one’s own stars by which to steer. Choices today include which river, when, how far, how fast, and with whom you will travel.
Each of us defines the past, the present, and the future in the stream of our lives, and so, in part, we also define the river of time, at least our part of it.

Technology and material prosperity provide a wealth of options for how we spend our time, and how we define ourselves. The range of tolerated lifestyles can stagger us. Our ever-increasing technology and individual freedom speeds the river and brings it to boil.

These options amount to choices for us. We choose which river to run, how to run it, and especially to what end. The choosing makes all the difference in the moment, and in the moments that follow.

As the ancient Celts believed: Do not do what you do because the gods will reward it, because such is not their nature. Neither do what you do because you are angry at the gods for not rewarding you for such is the attitude of a child. Do what you do, , choose what you choose, act as you act because it defines your life. And so It defines life itself.

Know that you are the navigator. Know that your choices matter. Enjoy the choosing and enjoy the journey. (For more on establishing meaning, see Chapter 7 in Your Job Survival Guide.)