Greg helps executives and other high-potential professionals develop themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

One Leader at a Time

Greg works extensively with individuals in pivotal organizational roles. Today’s complex and volatile environment calls for committed and creative leaders who operate from their fullest capacities for thinking, acting, and learning. He draws on over 30 years of consulting with organizations, over 40 years in the workforce, and a depth of formal education at three of the world’s premier universities.


He specializes in customization of his experience and training to the particular strengths and challenges of an organization or a given executive. His commitment to deep and evolving client relationships means that he tends toward long-term relations with his organizational and individual clients. His work spans the full cycle from challenge identification to strategic planning, as well as fully supporting implementation at an organizational and personal level.

Hands-on and in-depth

Uniquely, Greg does this senior level work himself. He does not delegate and leverage a staff of junior associates. He works easily in one-on-one sessions, small groups, large retreats, educational/training settings, and in highly structured as well as free flowing and impromptu venues. That said, Greg recognizes what he cannot do and freely (and without broker or mark-up fees) utilizes his extensive professional network to provide clients with resources that they may desire but that he cannot provide himself.

Learn more about Greg’s areas of expert knowledge.

  • Change – Organizations at a crossroads
  • Healthcare – Focus on the Healthcare Industry