VIDEO: How to Provide Directional Truth

October 30, 2014

This newsletter is devoted to video cuts of my presentations about the value of Directional Truth and Concrete Objectives. Amidst whitewater, a leader’s ability to provide directional truth and tangible/concrete objectives often proves invaluable.

The first video is a little longer than my usual videos, but the topic and story presented requires the additional time. The story involves a COO trying to help employees make sense of a particularly turbulent time and to provide a direction to an organization facing seismic changes to its industry. He is speaking to employees, many of whom are struggling mightily with worries about sale of the company and the accompanying fears for their own well-being and that of their families.

While the story concerns extreme whitewater conditions, most organizations face similar, if less dramatic, challenges born of turbulent business environments combined with uncertainty and a sense of personal vulnerability. A leader’s work therefore needs to include sense making, in this case providing directional truth.



Master Class: How to Provide Directional Truth