I am hitting the Airwaves near you…..

August 7, 2018
As some of you know, my longtime friend and colleague Professor Peter Cappelli of Wharton occasionally invites me to co-host “In the Workplace” on Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School, SiriusXM Ch. 132.  This Thursday is one such occasion.
Tune in LIVE from 5-7PM ET.
The final guest lineup is still under construction, but currently we have Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman discussing their recent report on underemployment and David Autor, Economist at MIT discussing his research on the impact of automation in the workplace along with Peter and me chatting about the latest employment news (and, occasionally, the wonders of life).
Call in with opinions and questions at 844-942-7866.  The live show is open only to Sirius XM subscribers (I hope that you are one!) while previous shows should be available to all at https://businessradio.wharton.upenn.edu/shows/in-the-workplace/
If you’re not a SiriusXM subscriber, but desperately want to hear me doing live radio (or just want to try SiriusXM), there’s a 30-day free trial here, which will allow you to listen online at siriusxm.com or via the SiriusXM app.