The energy industry has undergone profound change over the last 20 years, and looks to face even greater change in the coming decade.

Greg’s extensive experience working with organizations in industries ripe with change led him to work with several energy producing, transmitting, and distribution companies. Energy companies face challenges like and unlike those of other industries as they try to balance regulatory and market realities, technical operational excellence and broader strategy design, along with local realities and global pressures.

Greg has worked for energy companies transitioning from being basically utilities to free market competitors.
This work has entailed a shift in leadership skills, focus, and operation. This shift can prove quite personal as executives and managers work to broaden and deepen leadership abilities to complement their technical and engineering abilities as they work to stay connected to their local customers while addressing national, even global pressures.

Greg’s work in the energy industry has included:

  • Leadership development of executives and managers, as individuals and as groups
  • Executive coaching
  • Design and delivery of educational programming
  • Design and facilitation of organizational change at the corporate and unit level
  • Design and facilitation of strategic planning