Long developing tectonic plates of reform, cost, and quality are moving and sending tremors throughout the Health Care industry: standardization of care, cost reduction, quality improvement, physician leadership, clinical teaming, consolidation, massing, mergers, alliances, and acquisitions.

Challenges and possibilities face all parts of the health care system, especially providers.

Although excellent opportunities exist to create enhanced value in today’s marketplace, they require careful planning and analysis and enhanced executive and managerial skill sets.
Significant changes in the delivery and financing of health care require providers to re-evaluate and re-engineer their systems, procedures, and strategies. Greg supports hospitals and provider networks in navigating these waters.

Greg has worked in health care, especially in large health care provider networks, for 30 years. He works with his clients as they lead organization-wide change initiatives and as they work to enhance their own leadership skills and those of their people, especially their clinicians.

His consulting practice assists hospital clients in optimizing performance while planning for a potentially very different future, a future born of the collision of multiple pressures: rising demand for healthcare services, decreasing reimbursement, increasing rigor concerning measurement and reporting of clinical outcomes, mounting transparency, pending health care reform– in short, relentless and growing pressure to provide demonstrably better care while using ever fewer resources.

Greg has the unique combination of industry knowledge as well as expertise in change and leadership development (particularly of clinicians) to help clients improve operational and strategic performance.

*Article: Healthcare In America Part 1  Part 2


Greg has helped healthcare leaders:

  • Develop and secure working alliances between administrators and physicians as well as among clinical professionals
  • Development of physician leaders, including the design and delivery of educational programming
  • Design and facilitation of strategic planning
  • Executive and managerial coaching of individuals and of teams