Information Services & Technology

Industry-leading companies invest their time, talent and capital to develop competencies that will set them apart from their competitors.

Greg works with organizational leaders to tackle crucial challenges such as change and executive team development. For IT firms, this work often involves helping technically-proficient leaders improve their ‘softer’ skills as they discover that the hard skills are often the soft skills.

Rapid growth and full throttle change often cripple organizations. In addition, young tech firms can face the challenge of growth rapidly outstripping the management and executive ability of the founders.
IT firms face particular challenges centering on their offering technical services, the success of which often turns on softer skills such as appropriate assessment of client needs and management of technologically induced change.

Greg has worked with start-ups and Fortune 100 tech and IT companies. He has helped their leaders become more professional and therefore more effective managers and leaders through consultation and through classroom education.

Greg’s expertise in information services & technology spans:

  • Strategy Development / Business strategy
  • Executive coaching
  • Executive Team Development and Training
  • Change management