Rapid change has characterized the telecommunications industry since deregulation. Technology, regulation, and markets all have driven this change.

Telecommunications companies must choose where and how to participate in evolving markets even as they must ensure efficient current operation. Companies decide whether to enter new markets, figure out how to defend existing ones, improve performance, control costs and profitably invest resources even as they work to execute current strategy.

Greg has worked in the telecommunications industry, primarily in large organizations, since deregulation hit in the 1980’s.
He works with his clients as they maneuver in a ‘perfect’ example of a dynamic market with new competitors, crisis, and innovations coming from multiple directions on almost a daily basis.

Rapid innovation and changing customer demands make the telecommunications industry one of constant change with evolutionary and revolutionary technology changes transforming the needs of telecom organizations at break neck paces. His work focuses of guiding firms in creating nimble and resilient organizations.

Greg’s work with telecommunications organizations includes:

  • Designing and supporting organizational change
  • Executive and managerial team building
  • Leadership coaching
  • Training teams to work effectively in a dynamic environment