Innovation and Creativity Require Play

June 18, 2012
Playing amidst times such as these requires perspective and a good roll.

In kayaking, there are sweet spots where the water runs rapidly downstream and the boat stays steady, stationary.  A spot to play in the turbulence without being washed away.  In the workforce, finding engaging and attractive projects are similar to finding those sweet spots.  With your heart and will engaged in these projects, you will willingly expend more energy and time to make the projects successful.  This is where hard work becomes play.

Finding projects at work which captivate you and still allow you to take a break when you are exhausted are essential.  In order to do this, you must understand your own skills and stamina as well as the depths and needs of the projects.  When you find projects that challenge you, without overwhelming you, you are in a sweet spot.  Turbulence, chaos, is all around you, yet you are steady, enjoying your moment to play. (For more on play, see Chapter 4 in Your Job Survival Guide.)