Leadership for Sale?…..

December 6, 2014

With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and new this year Giving Tuesday this time of year offers countless opportunities to be high achieving consumers and donors.   I’m wading into the fray. (I’ve always said this book is perfect for holiday giving so step right up, lean in closer to your screen and read on!)

Wharton Digital Press, publisher of my book Leading Successful Change, is offering for a LIMITED TIME, a particularly great deal on their Leadership Ebook Bundle which includes Leading Successful Change and Mike Useem’s book The Leader’s Checklist.  You can purchase the Leadership Ebook Bundle at any time after 12/8/14 for $9.99 (i.e., 2 for 1). However, the deep discount period lasts only until 8am EST Monday December 8th and deep discount means $4.99 for both or a 75% discount.

The gift of leadership never goes out of style and well received books about leadership make a great gift for colleagues.  The best deal, while time sensitive and requiring action now, doesn’t include any additional sets of steak knives nor are Snuggies or batteries included.

Seriously, I thought this deal good enough to be worth writing you about.

Merries and Happys to all and to all whom you most treasure…Paddle On