Relax? Now What?!

January 18, 2013

After finally adapting to the instantaneous change of the rapids, what do you do when you encounter a still period, that period of rest…at least relatively speaking? You suddenly find yourself not having to paddle quite so much. You take a deep breath, and then another. Somehow you find yourself in still water. How do you handle the stillness?

First take your much needed rest and relaxation. Give yourself time for recovery. You know your real job is change. So, take this time between the eddies to do something important, like taking a deep breath or pondering the sky. Take your moments.

If after you have rested and feel recovered, the water is still, what do you do now?

Build up your skills. Remember the last few projects, when you knew that you could have done better and with considerably less effort? You almost flipped, but you found your reserves.

Make a list of the skills that worked best and build upon them. What bits of knowledge should you expand and build upon. Work on filling in the gaps which you didn’t have time to do while you were busy paddling.

In addition, look to learn new skills. Be honest with yourself about your weaknesses. Ask a trusted colleague or mentor. Keep your eye on the changing world around you and ask not just about what you need today but what you will need tomorrow. Perhaps take the time to assemble a life board.

Build up your skills and knowledge now. Your real job is change. Adaptability and flexibility you have learned. Take advantage of your still periods. Rest, recover, and learn new skills. Live to work (and play) another day. (For more on rest and recovery, see Chapter 2 in Your Job Survival Guide.)