Salute to 2018

December 9, 2018
There is an old Japanese saying that suggests: beginning is easy, continuing is hard. That saying seems particularly relevant at this time of year. What does this December bring to you? Hopefully, it concludes a good year with ‘good tidings and cheer’. Most probably, the year also contained arduous patches of whitewater, as most likely will the coming year. So, for both the good and for the arduous, do yourself and those around you a favor: acknowledge the impact that extended periods on the river has on you and those around you. Demands swirl and collide against the constraints of your time and energy. Distracting noise from the markets and politics create both real and imagined problems that pull you off your planned course through the whitewater. Tiredness can move to weariness.
“In whitewater environments, you need to learn to pace yourself, and pace your people.”
Chapter 2 of Your Job Survival Guide addresses the importance of pacing for preservation, hence its early placement in the book. In order to meet the challenge of long runs in whitewater, it is essential both to have places in your life where you can stop and rest before heading back into the water… and to use them. Share what has passed and what lies ahead. The next several weeks provide time off river, natural breaks in pace and an opportunity to rest, recover, and build reserves for the coming year. Enjoy the time and your fellow travelers.
All the best to you and to your loved ones this New Year. I hope to see you down river.