Taking Care of Your Health

January 18, 2013

rocky kayak crop squareRunning a white water river involves pacing. One does not simply ‘run the river’. Try it and the river wins. One has to impose a manageable pace onto the river, one that includes finding and idling in eddies, even consciously ‘working the eddies’, namely moving down the river by going from eddy to eddy. In a word, never ‘trust’ a white water river to provide a manageable pace. Rather, know that you must impose a manageable pace upon the river.

So too in your white water world, your world where the one constant is, paradoxically, often change. Maintaining your health, mental and physical, requires pacing. You need to build breaks in the relentless and unpredictable environment. You also need to watch your health. Get a decent health plan and utilize it, especially the preventative care aspects. Get the regular checkups. Utilize specialists. Subscribe to a medical newsletter, such as Harvard or Mayo or Johns Hopkins, or visit WebMD regularly. Pay particular attention to articles about lifestyle – exercise, relaxation, and food. Food matters, what you eat and how much. It matters in the short run and for the long haul. For instance, the main causes of the epidemic of diabetes and its related diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, certain cancers, and diminished cognitive functioning come down to exercise, diet, and weight. If world-class athletes regularly refine their routines, diets, medical care, and psychological practices, then why not you? They only play their game intermittently. You play yours every day. (For more on pacing, see Chapter 2 in Your Job Survival Guide.)