This is why I write books….

February 27, 2020


Well, it happened. The second edition of Leading Successful Change hit the proverbial (actually mainly digital) shelves on 2/11/20. I’m pleased to the point of being happy about that. I thought that I might bend your ear for a moment about why I write which connects with why I feel good about the publication.

As many of you know, I do what I do, namely work with organizations and the people who lead and inhabit them in the belief and the hope that I can, if the wind is with us, help their work be both more successful and more rewarding. Most of us spend the majority of our adult conscious lives working. How that work goes affects how we feel about our days and ourselves. It affects how we show up in our private lives with our families, our friends and in our communities. Do we end the day tired because we worked hard or because we spent the day trying hard to get to the work? Organizations, at least ideally, enable us to work and yet all too often they hinder, even outright obstruct us from getting to the work, to the activities that we signed on to perform. We end the day with a different kind of tired when we went to work but could not get to the work than when we got to dig and press on with the job at hand. I like to believe that my ongoing writing, teaching, and consulting on leadership and change help people better understand the work that needs doing, get to it, and succeed at it. Enough people have kindly volunteered that such is the case that I persist in consulting, teaching, and, yes, writing.

All of which brings us back to the book. The fact that demand for the book led to the publisher requesting a revised edition means, to my mind, that people found it useful. I’m glad about that, very glad. I believed that the first edition of Leading Successful Change was a good book, that people found it useful. I believe that this edition is better, that it’s a very good book. I hope that I’m right. Most importantly, I hope that you find it better, even more useful in making your work and your organizations better at change and just plain better at what you and they do and how you and they do it.